Enter the project >Go to project settings>Go to Residence page

Create residence page: Content and Layout

Here you configure the landing page layout by using sections where you can put your own content. Sections are available in different types and can be added, moved and removed.

1. Overview of the layout

The layout of the landing page is gathered in a short overview to the left. 

2. Add a new section to layout

Click on " Select a type" to choose a section

3. Edit - Add text and images

Click on a row in the layout overview to see what each section looks like and what you need to add in each section.

Information and guidelines can be found in each box in the sections.

Replace standard style with custom CSS

This is used when you want to replace HomeMaker's standard style to your graphic profile.

NOTE! To change this, we recommend that someone with previous experience in CSS to make these changes.