Levels of locking a residence

A residence can be locked either manually by the admin or project manager or automatically when a specific stop date passes. When the residence is not locked, the customer is free to change the residence options. There are four different locking levels.  When a new residence is created, it is automatically set to Not locked.

Choices not locked - Green level

Customers and admin / project managers can make changes to the home.

Choices locked for customers  - Yellow level

Options are locked for customers, but the admin / project manager can still make changes to the residence.

Choices locked for customers and admin - Orange level

No changes can be made by customers or admin / project manager. At the orange level, you can create agreements and send them out to your customers for signing.

Final version - Red level

The residence is ready for construction, this locking makes printouts with version numbers available to contractors. If you make changes to the residence after this, a revision of the residence is created with a new version number.


Q: What happens if a customer wants to change a products but they have already sent in their choices?

A: You have two options: 

- Change to the green level and make all the choices available again.

- Change to the yellow level and change products in the admin view.