Choose Signing proxy for digital agreements

Enter the project > Go to Build Team

-Add members to the team by clicking on the (+). After that you will be able to choose one of the members as a "Signing proxy for digital agreements"

Create digital contracts

1. Enter the residence

2. Mark the residence with the orange locker

3. Add contract files if you want to include appendices in the digital contract

4.  Click on " Create digital contract".

5. Click on the symbol to have a preview of the contract. 

6. Click on "Invite" to send an email to the customer to sign the digital contract. 

7. As an admin you will sign by clicking "Sign".

8. When both parties have signed the agreement, the date when it was signed is displayed. As an admin, you can always go back and see the agreement. 


Q: Can I delete an agreement and send a new one?

A: Yes. Remove the agreement by clicking on the cross in the corner. 

Q: Why is an error message displayed?

A: This usually means that you have to add a social security number for the customer.